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PAT Testing for Construction Sites

Comprehensive PAT Testing Services with Guaranteed Competitive Pricing!

Discover our clear pricing strategy tailored to meet all your PAT testing requirements for construction sites, ensuring your working environment stays compliant and safe.

We offer packages suited for various appliance amounts, guaranteeing affordability and transparent pricing.


Construction site pricing starts from just £99 + VAT:

We offer excellent deals for multiple properties, including those with more substantial test quantities.

Did You Know?

The Importance of Regular 110V Equipment Testing on Construction Sites


Equipment operating at 110 volts, a standard for many construction site tools, must undergo routine tests every three months to guarantee safety and proper function. These periodic checks are crucial for spotting potential dangers, ensuring the equipment runs efficiently, and meeting safety standards. Regular testing is a proactive measure that significantly reduces the likelihood of electrical mishaps, prolongs the durability of construction tools, and fosters a secure work environment for everyone on site.

Included in all Construction site PAT Testing Pricing

Our rates cover the London Congestion Charge, offering exceptional value. The package comes with a detailed list of appliances, issuance of a Compliance Certificate, and minor repairs like fuse and plug replacements without any additional charges.

Dedicated in Delivering Value

All prices include the London Congestion Charge, reflecting our commitment to providing value.

Appliance Documentation

A meticulous record of appliances and their locations for your documentation.

Complete Certification

Provision of a Compliance Certificate, confirming your compliance with safety regulations.

Minor Repairs

Free minor repairs, encompassing the substitution of standard 3 – 5 & 13 AMP fuses and domestic 3-pin plugs.

Flexibility and Dependability for Construction Site PAT Testing

Fast, Reliable, and Comprehensive

We offer same-day and next-day bookings across London to fit the dynamic schedules of construction projects, operating seven days a week with a minimal order requirement. Our expansive service network within London ensures we’re always within reach, ready to support your construction site’s needs.

Secure a 10% discount on yearly PAT testing maintenance contracts specifically tailored for construction sites. This offer is aimed at facilitating your continuous compliance and safety measures in a cost-effective manner.

Our PAT testing for construction sites extends beyond basic testing. We provide access to professional management advisors equipped to assist with training your crew, as well as guidance on user and in-service inspection protocols.

For premier PAT testing services tailored to the construction industry in London, contact us at 0203 600 9964 or via our contact form. Rely on us for all your PAT testing needs, executed with precision, professionalism, and exceptional customer service.