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Budget PAT Testing Terms and Conditions


All orders under £300 must be paid in advance. For all orders above £300, payments are due on completion of work unless otherwise agreed upon before the work starts when you place an order for our services, and we will attend to your site or address as decided. We carry out the service you requested. When we have the certification or reports ready in our office, we will email you an invoice for payment, and we will release the report and certification as soon as the fee is paid. We usually request a bank transfer or cheque, but note if you send a cheque, we require clearance first.

If you have a pre-agreement with us or are an approved account customer, we release the certification and reports upon completion. The terms are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice.

All prices displayed on our website and quoted are plus VAT and correct at the time of ordering. We sometimes have offers for different deals, so prices can vary at different times. The current rate of VAT is at the time of order.


Cancellation Policy:

We recognize that plans may shift, and we aim to accommodate these changes within our operational capabilities. Our cancellation policy is designed to balance your flexibility with our need to manage resources:

  • Full Refund: Bookings cancelled no later than 48 hours before the planned site visit are eligible for a complete refund. This timeframe allows us to reallocate our resources efficiently.
  • Non-Refundable: If a booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the site visit, a refund is not possible due to the prior allocation of engineers and resources for your service, necessitating the full payment.

Your cooperation with this policy is appreciated as it supports the provision of quality service while honouring our commitments.

Access to Premises:

For service completion, it’s essential that our engineers can access the site at the agreed time. If access is obstructed or no one is present to allow entry:

  • Full Payment Required: Should our engineers be unable to enter and perform the scheduled work, the full service fee will be charged. This accounts for the resources assigned to your appointment.

We advise making arrangements for our engineers’ access to prevent any unnecessary fees and ensure your service is carried out smoothly.

Appointment Times:

Please be aware that the times for service appointments are indicative only, classified as AM or PM slots. This flexibility helps us manage unforeseen delays, including London transport issues or extensions of prior appointments.

While we endeavour to adhere to the set times, adjustments may be necessary. We commit to keeping you informed on any changes and appreciate your understanding, which enables us to maintain service excellence.

Please note you must have all areas available for testing and open ready for the testing. We cannot be held responsible for places we cannot get into or items not shown to the engineer if they are in cupboards or out of sight.

IT equipment for servers or items connected to any sensitive equipment: You must notify them when they attend the site or when anything of this nature is needed to help you and our engineers test items safely and without disrupting your system.

We normally recommend that your IT person do a full shutdown before our arrival if you want a full test carried out. We can also offer visual testing on these items that cannot be turned off. For any electrical inspection, note that we do not take any liability for loss of data, failed items, or appliances that do not reconnect after testing; we only do soft testing on electrical appliances.

Re-visits are chargeable and will be agreed upon before we visit the site if required for locked rooms, not shown items, or for any other reason.

Any order placed can be exchanged for an alternative product from us of equal value 48hrs before the appointment date, dates can be changed 48 hrs before appointment Monday to Friday, excluding weekends.

When you place an order on the site, over the phone, or by email, we assume that you have read and understood these conditions before ordering. You are free to ask for a copy at any point before ordering. We use email or online orders to confirm your order.

Complaints must be emailed to admin@budgetpattesting.co.uk. You will be replied to within 48 hours, and we have 21 days to review and complete the outcome of any complaint made against Metro-pat 247 Limited.

If you have any questions about our service, please contact us. We are happy to assist you.

If you have questions about our services, please contact us. We’re here to help.


Budget PAT Testing: Safety Services and Contractors


At Budget PAT Testing, safety is a paramount concern. To provide you with exceptional and comprehensive safety services, we rely on a team of highly qualified in-house engineers. These engineers are employed directly by Budget PAT Testing and are trained according to our strict standards to ensure the highest level of service and safety.

Budget PAT Testing may also engage as a service reseller to perform specific safety services in certain instances. These contractors are not Budget PAT Testing employees but are independent entities that we have carefully selected for their expertise and commitment to safety.

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